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tresor kelys yn gwel – Matthew 13:44
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Practice night is Monday — ringing starts at 7.30pm.
New and returning ringers are always needed.
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Tower Captain's Report to AGM – April 2016

Practices and, in particular, Sunday Service ringing have been very well supported throughout the year. We ring 8 bells most Sundays and very rarely ring fewer than 6. We have lost and gained some ringers over the year but still have 12 in the band. This makes us one of only five towers in the Deanery that has enough ringers of their own. The support of regular visiting ringers is also much appreciated.

Going through our Visitors book for the last year I was surprised by how much we have done and how much I had forgotten. In April 2015 Jen Broadbridge coordinated the ringers’ contribution to Towednack’s highly successful Flower Festival creating, in my view, one of the best exhibits in the show. We rang Queens for her birthday on Sunday 26th April.

On 13th June we hosted a Ring & Ramble. Thirteen ringers enjoyed a cream tea at Towednack, nine of us bushwacked our way over the moors in the fog for another ring at Zennor followed by a beer in the Tinners, and then six of us walked back to Towednack via the field paths.

On 15th June we rang all 8 for the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta. A band of 6 fired the bells for 8 whole pull and stands – one for each century – with the Tenor bell striking in between. This was surprisingly successful given that it is an extremely difficult thing to do well and we had only tried it for the first time at the previous practice. We rang for Keiren and Caroline’s Wedding Blessing on 20th June and enjoyed some wonderful al fresco hospitality at Tresithney afterwards. June 22nd was the first anniversary of an open practice at Towednack in 2014 that kick-started the new band. We celebrated by returning to Breja for sundowners in the garden, hopefully an annual event.

We have had a few visiting ringers during the year and on July 4th John Pladdys conducted a peal of Stedman Triples at Towednack. On July 15th Keiren & Caroline Marwood and Jenny Nankervis rang their first quarter peal, all three of them as covering tenors to Grandsire Doubles. This was in celebration of the new band’s first year of operation and as part of the Guild’s annual QP week.

Rebecca Hughes joined us about this time and by August 3rd was able to start ringing in the band. On 8th August we rang for Dan Garside and Rachel Auld’s wedding. Rebecca rang for the wedding and started Sunday Service ringing at Harvest Festival on 13th September.

On Sunday 9th August we rang to honour WWI casualty John Kitchen Quick, a ringer and chorister at this church. We rang 16 rounds for his age on the back 4, the bells he would have learned on. Two bells had been added by the time he left for Australia and so we rang 24 for his age on the back 6. Keiren then tolled the Tenor 26 times.On the centenary, 14th August 2015, Jenny Nankervis tolled the Tenor at 11am for the 26 years of his life.

In October Zennor ringer, Philippa Vaizey, started coming to Towednack practices, made rapid progress and was able to join in a very successful Treble Hunt Training Day, held on 22nd October and followed by lunch at the Engine Inn. Philippa has been a regular supporter at Sunday Service ringing.

We rang half-muffled for Remembrance Sunday on 8th November which was also the 110th anniversary of the inauguration of the restored bells. And on Armistice Day we rang half-muffled, rang down, tolled 11 for the start of the 2 minute silence and then rang the bells up and open in celebration of the peace.

Finally, on 12th December we hosted the Guild Carol Service, memorable for mulled wine, festive food, a reading in Cornish by Caroline and a blessing in Cornish from Roger Garside, who also planned the service. A great team effort by one and all.

A new after school club for young ringers from Nancledra School is about to start and will benefit from the excellent Suzuki hand chimes, recently purchased by the church. The other good news is that the sound system is about to be renewed and will be removed from the ringing room. The extra space will be very welcome and also an opportunity for some improvements and refurbishment.

As a band and as individuals everyone has continued to make good progress, and as Tower Captain I very much appreciate everyone’s commitment and hard work. Individual mid-week teaching has morphed into extra basic practice, freeing up time on Mondays. My special plea for the year ahead is for everyone to support practice nights so that we can make more progress with Method ringing.